Buying Tip – Focus On “Motivated” Sellers

Just a quick tip today for you if you are looking for a property and you want to find a good deal.

There’s a lot of real estate on the market.

And in a lot of cases, for any number of reasons, some sellers are very “motivated” to sell.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if your offer to buy comes in at the right time, you might find a seller who’s willing to let a property go for well under market value… which could set you up with some instant equity and a solid chance at making a profit when you eventually sell.

How Can You Find Such Properties

They’re out there. One technique we like to use is to scan the local multiple listing service for certain “keywords” that signal motivation.

Another thing to watch is the list of properties with price reductions on a day to day basis.

Setting up a “motivated seller” search alert like this isn’t too hard — we’d be happy to set you up if you like. Just click here to let us know if you’re interested…


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