Our Recommended Vendors


James Chadwick: 609-391-6460

Terry Thomas: http://www.gwthomas.net/


Manus McGettigan: (609) 645-0717

Norm Haas:  609-399-8118

Carpet Cleaning:

Island Carpet Cleaning 609-517-3330


GEO Electric 609-628-2653

Wire Wiz (609) 646-9473

Fiberglass Deck:

HK Fiberglass 609-398-6021

Russ Pagano 609-277-3310

Aponte Painting 609-927-9276


Foglio's Flooring 609-390-3876

General Contractors:

Bob Matera Builders 609-391-0439

Russell Snow Builders 609)425-2722

Russ Pagano  609-277-3310

Derek Misterman 855-623-3735

DP Builders  609-289-9245  

Brian Portnoy  609-442-6254 

Home Inspector:

AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC: Click here

Visit www.AtlantiCape.com

Home Alone Home Inspections, LLC

h[email protected]

Dobbins Home Inspection, LLC


Stankus Home Pro Inc.

[email protected]

Home Insurance:

Angela Wolfe, McMahon Insurance

Phone: 609-798-0481

[email protected]om

Magda Chudziak, Insurance Agencies Inc.

Phone: 609-646-1000 x131

[email protected]

Heist Insurance

Home Warranty:

HWA Home Warranty: ​​[email protected]

House Cleaners:

Nancy & Stephanie:: 609-305-3935

Susana:: 609-602-5391

Dirt Divas:: 609-601-0841

Rosa Martinez:: 609-675-0930 (1 time cleanings and Wildwood change overs)


Lenegan Plumbing 609-399-1200

Craig Middleton 609-390-3992

GM Mechanical 609 927-7900


Huber Locksmiths 609-646-5625

Mold Remediation:

COIT 1-800-367-2648


Colagio 215-934-5315

Aponte 609-927-9276


Lenegan Plumbing 609-399-1200


Mr. Handy  855-623-3735


Top Notch 609-822-4839

Screen Repair:

Franks Screens : 609-390-5977

Septic Inspection:

Caprioni Portable Toilets, Inc.: (609) 861-2472                                                        (609) 861-2298

Septic Install:

Harry Cowan: 609-861-2060

Sprinkler System:

Box of Rain: (609) 398-7935


Steven R Kelly: 609-399-4414

Termite & Pest Control

Ross Environmental Solutions: (609) 646-7677

Well Inspection:

Cape Environmental Lab: 609-463-0077 

Well Water Conditioning Service:

Rich Family Water Service 609-335-3712

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation, or financial interest with the above listed businesses. Homeowners and Buyers alike should and are advised to do their own research and choose whichever company they feel will best meet their needs. Information above provided solely for informational purposes only.