Any Realtor can take your listing, pop a sign in the yard and put it in the MLS.  As a matter of fact… that’s what most agents do!

Hi, I’m Adam D. with KW Realty and my colleagues might get mad at me for saying this, but it’s the truth. 99% of Realtors who take a listing will list it in the MLS and put up a sign, but what else do they do?  

In this video I’m going to walk you through each step of your marketing plan 

  1. Preparation: Staging and decluttering
    Before we can begin marketing your house, we need to make it look good.Staging and decluttering is a crucial step to handle BEFORE you take the pictures and video as the way it shows online will be EVERYTHING.  Your first showing will take place online, so it’s essential to make a good first impression with potential buyers so they are more motivated to schedule a showing.One of the first things we will do is walk through your home room by room and go over any changes that might need to be made before we bring your house onto the market.
  2. Get Amazing Pictures & Videos
    Once the house is ready to be shown, it’s time to get professional pictures and video. Your home’s first showing is taking place online. They say that “the camera adds 10 pounds.” Why not use them to add 10% to your selling price?Taking pictures with a cell phone is a big no-no. You might as well use this polaroid camera and send them the photos in the mail. You must hire a professional to handle this for you! The statistics on professional photography speaks for itself.
  3. Properties with HD enhanced images sell 45% faster, and they also sell for 75% closer to the listing price.
    So every property should have listings photos too. The pictures should show off the main selling features of the home, such as kitchen details, views, bathrooms, etc. These are rooms that trigger emotion, and they need to be shot in the best light possible! People are less likely to schedule a showing for a house that looks like crap online.The video should do the opposite. The video will showcase a live walkthrough of the house and, more importantly, showcase the flow of the house. The video is not going to sell the house, but it will increase showings. It allows your listing to stand out in a herd of homes for sale!There are a lot of other really cool marketing things you can do with your video that will also increase the number of eyeballs who see it, contact these real estate lead generation experts and get more info!Video gives you an extra edge in marketing your home to the masses that properties without video cannot do.
  4. Showcase Your Home Online
    Once we have the photos and videos ready to go, it’s time to start getting ready to list your home and feature it online. Your home will be posted online on the 4 largest home search sites.The top four real estate websites are (Zillow, Trulia,, have close to 100 million visits per month. In addition to that your property is featured on our website as well as getting listed on the Multiple Listing Service.  The MLS will then make your property available to all real estate agents within the area.The key with the MLS is how you position it. We want to ensure that your home has more details available in the MLS than the other competing homes. This can be the type of heating system you have, square footage, lot size, and floor plan. We also want to make sure we tell your story on this site through the remarks.  Adding details like school districts, having very emotional listing remarks are a few things we do to make it more appealing online.
    The next step in the process is social media.  Posting your property on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram are key to generating initial interest.Plus using social media to advertise your property for sale gives us a way to reach thousands of eyeballs through ads.  Over the last few years this has become one of the reasons for our success.
  6. Signage
    In addition to all the what we have already talked about, we don’t want to ignore conventional tactics! We will post the proper signage up as well.
  7. Create The Buzz Host The OPEN HOUSE
    Once we list your home it is essential that we are most aggressive in the first 2 weeks your home is listed. This is your best chance to sell you home for top dollar. We want to market to new buyers as well as those buyers that have just been waiting for a home like yours to come on  the market! We may even create the buzz by holding open houses for your property but we will have a consultation prior to see if an open house is right for your home.

I really hope this video showed you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.  Of course there are many details here we have not covered the specifics of, but you can contact a Residential Real Estate Company that can answer any further questions you may have!

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