What Areas Do You Serve?

Adam Personally Serves All Of Atlantic and Cape May Counties in Southern NJ with a focus on the Shore points.  However, We Have A Network Of Partner Agents That Service All Of The United States As Well As Many Other Countries Such As Canada, Mexico and the UK.

Who Do You Help?

Sellers, Buyers, Investors, Local Home Owners, And Agents

Where Is Your Office?

We’re Always Expanding And Currently Have Office Locations In Margate, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Avalon, and Wildwood Crest NJ.  Adam Utilizes All Of These Office Locations Dependent Upon Where His Appointments Are For The Day.

Are You A Team Or Single Agent?

We Operate As A Team In Order To Provide The Best Service To Our Clients.  But, We’re A Small And Efficient Team Where All Of Our Team Members Are Available To You.  We’re Not The Type Of Team Who Hands You Off To Another Team Member And Then You Never Hear From Adam Again.

Are You A Full Time Agent?

Yes This Real Estate Is Our Life And Full Time Profession!  Although Most (other) Agents Are Not Full Time And Many Work Another Job While Still Trying To Help Buyers and Sellers. Adam Has Been Successfully Selling Real Estate Full Time Since 2012.

Who Do You Work For?

We Get This Question A Lot, Many Are Surprised To Find That Real Estate Agents Are Independent Contractors.  This Means We’re Self Employed.  However, We Legally Have To Partner With A Broker.  Adam Chose To Partner With The Largest Real Estate Company In The World, Keller Williams Realty.  Keller Williams Has More Agents and Has Sold More Homes For More Money Than Any Other Real Estate Company. Our Local Franchise is Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore.

I’m Talking To Another Keller Williams Agent!

Perfect, We Always Recommend Getting A 2nd Opinion!  Keep In Mind That Agents Are Actually Self Employed, Owning And Operating Their Own Business.  This Means You Will Get A Completely Different Experience With Each And Every Agent No Matter The Broker They’re Affiliated With.  We Often Find Clients Confused In Thinking That 2 Agents From The Same Firm Will Offer The Same Service, Unfortunately, That Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth!

How’s The Market?

That Really Depends If You’re A Buyer, Seller, Or Investor.  The Market Can Affect All Of These People Differently At Anytime.  Please Contact Us For A Personal Answer That Addresses Your Unique Situation.

Who Is The Local Internet and Cable TV Provider?

Comcast Xfinity is the only cable provider in the area as of now.