> December 12, 2018

Before listing your home for sale, there are a just a  few important points worth mentioning:

I know this can be an exciting process, but before you start making repairs or marking dates on your calendar for an open house, it is a good idea to prepare a “home selling” plan. Sit down and truly explore your reasons for selling, everyone has one. If you aren’t truly motivated nor committed to selling your home, or if it just struck you one morning that you should move to the other side of town but you haven’t completely thought through the entire process you could be setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you are a “first time” seller, it’s easy to forget about the lengthy preparations for sale and possibly not even fully understand the amount of work your listing agent has put into getting your home ready for the market. They have spent numerous hours studying the market, previewing similar homes and preparing listing presentation materials for you.

Today’s home buyers are inherently “lazy”.  If they feel like they will need to do extra landscaping, plumbing, appliance and electrical work before they can enjoy the house, they may balk when it comes to buy, even if the rest of your home is in pristine condition. So let’s try to make it easy for them to choose your home! Hire a handyman or general contractor to get the home as close to ready to move into as possible.

Finally, always remember, a new home means new adventures and opportunities!

So if you are ready to list your home for sale, be sure to give us a call at: 609-225-4975. 

We would be happy to assist you in reaching all of your home goals.

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