How To Have A Successful First Showing Of Your Home

Have you listed your house for sale and want to know what’s next? In this video, I’m going to give you some tips to prepare you for your first showing. We’ll look at some easy ways to make sure you give potential buyers the best experience possible.

Preparing Your Home

Now that you’ve got your house listed, it’s time for your first showing. The first step is similar to preparing for listing photos and videos: you want to make sure everything’s clean.

Make sure you declutter and get rid of as much as possible. While I wouldn’t worry as much about closets, garages, and storage rooms, if have clutter, feel free to hide those things there. Buyers are going to be mostly focusing on the living spaces of your home.

Depending on your comfort level, you may also want to de-personalize your home. If you don’t want your children’s photos in your house, now’s the time to take them down. The reason we’re doing this is to make sure your house feels as large as possible.

Light And Bright

Another tip that will help make your house feel big is allowing as much light in as possible. Before the showing, make sure when you’re leaving your house that you have all the window blinds open and all the lights turned on.

Of course, if you’re not living in the home any longer, don’t worry about it. As a good buyer’s agent, we’re usually showing up at the house a few minutes before a showing to turn on all the lights and open the window blinds.

Make Your Buyers Comfortable

If you’re home and still living at the house, it’s always our suggestion that you leave for the showing. Whatever time the showing is scheduled, make sure to leave a few minutes beforehand and lock the door. The agent will have the lockbox code, and that’s how we verify that they’re the agent that’s supposed to be showing the house. So make sure you leave and lock the door.

The reason we always suggest that you leave is that buyers want to be comfortable. They want to envision themselves and their family in the house while they’re there, not you. It’s best that you’re not there during the showing.

A Successful Showing

I hope this gave you some quick tips on how to prepare for showings when you’re selling your house. If you have any questions or need more advice, feel free to contact me at 609-604-5958. I’ll be happy to connect with you!

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