Is Hiring A Realtor Worth It?

Are you thinking about selling your house but don’t know what route to use? If you’re not sure if using a realtor or selling yourself is best, then I’m here to help. In this video, I’m going to show you how the home selling process works so you can determine if hiring a realtor is worth it. By weighing your options, you’ll be in the best position to make the right decision for you.

When You Need To Sell Your House Fast

As a seller, you have several creative ways you can sell your property. Although there are a variety of options, you might be struggling with which one is the best choice. An easy way to help steer you in the right direction is to figure out what type of seller you are. In general, we see two categories of sellers: those who need to sell fast and those who need to sell for top dollar.

In the majority of cases, a need to sell super fast with specific time constraints may not allow you to take the traditional route. If this is your situation, selling to an investor-type buyer might make the most sense. The majority of investors are flexible, meaning that they will close on your time, buy as-is, and pay no commissions. In many cases, they may even pay for your closing costs. Investors tend to be best suited for those who need to sell very quickly or need a very flexible timeline. If you’re looking for this type of offer, I’d be happy to bring several buyers to you.

When You Need To Sell Your House For The Most Money

If you’re trying to get top dollar for your property, you might need some help. In this situation, going the retail route might be the best option for you. Selling traditionally allows you to fully test the market by utilizing tools such as DMLS, social media, open houses, and many others.

Doing so will allow your property to be exposed to a wider audience, which in turn equals more potential buyers. The more buyers you have, the more competition. And the more people you have vying for your home, the higher the price you’ll typically yield.

The 7 Roles Of A Realtor

A realtor’s job is very simple: create a better outcome for the client that they represent. Sometimes this means helping you get the highest offer on your home. At other times, it’s in the convenience that comes with hiring a realtor to do the heavy lifting for you. Many people see realtors as professional door openers, simply helping people get into and see properties. In reality, however, this isn’t quite the case.

Realtors take on several different roles throughout the transaction. Getting in and out of properties is a very small percentage of what the job entails. By outlining the roles an agent plays in your transaction, you’ll be able to determine if hiring one is worth it.

Consultant, Teacher, Advisor, And Marketing Specialist

First and foremost, we realtors are your consultants and teachers. Are you making a good move? Have you considered all aspects of your investment? Do you understand how this process works? Before you can even think about listing your house for sale, you need to understand the market and all the steps that are required to do so. Although your realtor already understands the market, you must learn it as well.  As your teacher, my job is to make sure you pass the test before we get out there.

Once we create a plan of action that fits your specific situation, I’ll get to work. First, we need to begin preparing the property for the market; this requires us to take on the role of advisor. We’ll walk through your house, helping you determine what needs to be done to prepare.

When your property is eventually ready to list, your realtor then becomes your marketing specialist. Selling a house takes more effort than just putting a sign in the yard and listing it on the MLS. You’ll need to position it and market it correctly, which is where my marketing expertise comes into play.

Tour Guide, Negotiator, And Therapist

It’s during this time that your house is being actively marketed that your realtor becomes your tour guide. Not only is it my job to sell your house, but I also need to make people fall in love with it. This includes the property itself—with all it’s unique and desirable features—as well as highlights of the local community.

Once we get an offer on your property, your realtor becomes your negotiator. This is where the magic happens. You don’t want an agent that’s a pushover; rather, you need somebody who’s going to fight for every penny. A listing agent has to be aggressive to make sure that you don’t leave any money on the table.

Once you’re under contract, your realtor then becomes your therapist because you’re going to need it. This is especially true if you’re buying and selling at the same time. Buying and selling real estate is stressful, but after over eight years of experience, I’ve seen it all and will make sure your stress levels are kept to a minimum. This is extremely important to me and my team, as we want to make sure that we make this process as easy and as hassle-free as possible.

Your Facilitator To Closing

The final job of a realtor is to be your facilitator. In this role, I’ll be taking your transaction all the way to closing. Not only will we handle the mounds of paperwork, but we’ll also deal with everything in between. For example, you may have repairs that need to be made that require contractor recommendations. You’ll need us to help you see them through, schedule inspections, secure financing, remove contingencies, do a final walkthrough, complete city inspections, and then time everything properly with the title company, mortgage lender, and buyer. All of these steps lead to your eventual closing.

Buying real estate doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. It certainly doesn’t need to be a full-time job because that’s what I do. Since buying real estate is a big deal and shouldn’t be taken lightly, you’re going to want to work with a realtor that’s equipped for the task.  You’ll need to find someone who can wear all seven of these hats, doing much more than just opening a door for you. So if you’re looking to hire an agent who can handle all aspects of the transaction, feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to help.