Ocean City is getting ready for the summer season with a few extra precautions in place. 

The first guarded beach will open Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd a few more will be guarded. The guarded beaches will be posted on the OCNJ website as well as the Beach Patrol Headquarters on 1st, 12th, 34th, and 58th street.

On a weekly basis, more beaches will be opened and the website and headquarters will be updated frequently to reflect this 

Guarded beaches start at Seacrest Road all the way south to 18th street. After 18th street is will be every other beach is guarded all the way south to 60th street. Corsons Inlet State Park is unguarded

Beaches are guarded:

Monday- Friday: 10 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 5:30 pm

Brighton, 8th, 9th, and,12th streets are guarded until 7 pm during peak season

Labor day weekend the island will go back down to only 11 guarded beaches which will also be posted in the same places and the final beaches close the 3rd Monday of September

Basic Beach Rules:

Swim between green flags only 

Do not climb on the rocks or pipes 

Listen to lifeguard whistles and respond to their hand signals 

Skimboard outside of green flags only

Fishing has to be in designated fishing areas only

Surfing on surf beaches only, leashes are required

Other Useful Tips:

Ask lifeguards daily for other rules which change due to water conditions such as allowed swimming depth use of rafts and any other rules that can be dictated by weather or water conditions

Guarded surf beaches are Waverly, 7th, and 16th street beaches. You can surf unguarded beaches on the south end although it is not recommended (and usually not worth it).

****Being that the health crisis of COVID 19 is constantly changing, there are no set guidelines. Rules and regulations of guarding of the beaches are constantly changing and this information will be posted on the OCNJ website as it changes. So please check there frequently.

A Word From Our Lifeguards:

“We welcome and love our tourists but the things we most wish they took into consideration, Just because we live and work here does not mean we are all on vacation so please respect us, our rules and our island.

Every beach has signage at the boardwalk entrance explaining the rules specific to that beach as well as on the back of the guard stands so please read an understand and follow these rules. 

Also, ask your guards any questions you may have or if there are any rules specific to that beach that they should be aware of. 

Our job is to protect the safety of all beach patrons and we are following our training and protocol so please respect us our rules and follow instruction. 

All of these things are in place for the safety of all visiting, and staying on the island as well as those working the beaches.” 

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