Ocean City NJ Heading Into 2019: A Look Back At 2018

As we start 2019 I wanted to take a quick look back at 2018 and how 2018 compared to the previous year.  

In 2018 Ocean City had a very strong real estate market, improving upon an already good 2017.  Properties sold in less time, average days on market were down almost 14%.  Property values increased, with average sold prices up over 5%!  Although approx. 32 less properties sold over the year.  Sometimes times this happens in a market where prices are increasing, sellers might choose to hold onto their property instead of selling.  

Overall, if you own in Ocean City, 2018 was likely a great year for the value of your property!


Days On Market
Average Price
Sold Listings


Days On Market
Average Price
Sold Listings

Market Data

2017 vs 2018

Average Days On Market

↓ 14%

Average Sold Price

↑ 5%

# Of Sales

↓ 32 Units