> February 10, 2019

::Wondering how to go about appealing that new tax assessment?:: ::Check out the filing requirements for the State of NJ here!::

Filing Date: 
  • The town does not accept petitions until 2/1 of the current year you are in, and they must be completed and submitted prior to 4/1 of that same year. 
  • The taxpayer will have 45 days to file an appeal upon Issuance of Notification in Change of Assessment. 
Appeal Process:
  • Each Taxpayer must complete a separate assessment, unless granted permission from the County Tax Administrator (Example, An entire condo building asking for re-assessment) 
  • The Original signed petition must be filed with the County Board of Taxation, If possible please include a copy of the Notification of Assessment.
  • A copy must be served to the assessor of the municipality in which the property is located.  
  • A copy must be served to the clerk of the municipality in which the property is located.
  • A copy should be kept by the taxpayer.
  • Any supporting documents must be attached to the original, assessor’s copy, and clerk’s copy.
Filing Fees:
  • Check with your County, for the exact filing fee. Each property and assessed amount will be different. 
  • Make Checks Payable to the “County Tax Administrator”, must have municipality, lot and block on the check. DO NOT staple the check to the petition. 
  • IMPORTANT::: You must continue to pay your taxes during the appeal process.
  • You will receive a notice to attend a hearing in the County of which you are petitioning your taxes.
  • The taxpayer must attend the hearing, unless represented by an Attorney. 
Comparable Sales:
  • No more than five comparable sales shall be submitted to the assessor, clerk and County Board of Taxation 10.1.17-10.1.18
  • The information regarding each comparable sale shall include the block, lot, sale price and deed date. 


Please note, We are Licensed Real Estate Agents, not Appraisers, nor Tax Attorneys. All information provided above is solely for informational purposes ONLY. It is your responsibility to decide if you would like to use an Attorney or Appraiser for this process. You should still consult your local tax office for any changes in their county practices. 

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