Positively 4th street Cafe

 On the corner of 4th and Atlantic is a true local favorite. Located near the high school, this cafe is always filled with teachers, students, real estate agents, and surfers. Everything is homemade and all the pastries are baked daily. During the summer stop in early on the weekend for their legendary sticky buns and in the fall the pumpkin pie coffee cake is essential. If you take a peek above the cafe, there is also a B and B located on top. 

Corson’s Inlet – 

At the very southern end of Ocean City is Corsons Inlet State Park. As busy as the park can get, it is in total contrast to the crowded beaches and boardwalk further north on the island. Corson’s, as its more, frequently referred has hiking trails that wind through beaches, sand dunes, and estuaries. The park also has a boating ramp and small beaches to fish and sunbathe on.  Best of all no beach tags are required!

Swingsets – 

There are two swing sets on the island that are on the beach facing the water. One is on 59th street and the other is by the base of the Long-Port/Ocean City Bridge. Both offer somewhat of a quiet refuge from the bigger playgrounds around the island.

Pre-season Beach Tags

Ocean City beaches require beach tags from 10 am to 5:30 pm, June 6th through September 7th for anyone over the age of 12. A seasonal tag typically costs $25 but if you get them before May 31st you can get them for $20. Veterans and active military members are eligible for free beach tags with the proper form of ID. You can order online for the 2020 season.

Dog Park

Tucked away on 45th street and Haven is a lovely playground for dogs. The park requires a pass which you can obtain from City Hall. There are separate sections for large dogs (anything over 25 pounds) and small dogs (anything under 25 pounds) as well as a common section for all dogs to play. The park is meticulously maintained and is open year-round from 8 am till dusk. 

Seashell Museum – 

The Discovery Seashell Museum is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon in Ocean City. The museum is filled with thousands of shells from around the world. They also have rock and mineral displays as well as fossils that are millions of years old. The museum also has hermit crabs and souvenirs. 

Dry Town – 

Ocean City is and always has been a dry town since it was founded by the Methodist in    1879. This means that no alcohol can be bought or sold on the island and you can’t bring alcohol to restaurants or the beach. So you won’t find bars along the boardwalk like nearby islands. Being a dry town keeps out most of the riff-raff and makes Ocean City the perfect place to grow up or visit with your family. 

Golf Course and Airport Diner – 

Believe it or not, Ocean City has a golf course and an airport with a delicious diner on-site open to the public. On 26th and Bay, you will find a beautiful 12 hole course open April through October with golf camps for kids in the summer. After playing a game, stop at the Aiport Diner for a pork roll egg and cheese sandwich with a side of home fries.

Animal Shelter – 

The Ocean City Humane Society offers a lot of services for the pets of both year-round residents as well as summer visitors. They have cat and dog adoptions, full veterinary services, animal control, spay and neuter options as well as yearly pet exams. They are always looking for volunteers to come in and play with the cats or walk the dogs. The staff is always friendly and professional towards pets and their humans. 

Skate Park

After years of debate, Ocean City is now home to one of the best skate parks in South Jersey. Helmets and pads are required but there are some on-site as well as extra skateboards for anyone to use. What makes the skate park even more special is the kids that show up there. The park always has a super friendly vibe and you will frequently see kids stopping to give someone tips or to show them a better way to do a trick.

Ocean City Free Public Library

Ocean City has one of the best libraries around. There is an entire kid-friendly section and during the summer they provide many activities for kids and families as well as seniors. There is a computer lab and printers, free wifi and lots of desks, tables and comfy chairs to relax in. Connected to the library is a small museum and the very popular Aquatic and Fitness Center where you can join as a yearly or seasonal member.

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