I recently noticed the sale below on the MLS and wanted to point it out to out current and future clients... The home below was not one of our listings it was listed and sold by a different brokerage.  However, I have seen countless examples over my career of a home being listed under value and then selling for well above asking price... Very likely more than it should have sold for had it been price correctly.  Therefore, I wanted to point out the success this seller had in getting top dollar!  If you know me, you know how frequently I discuss the importance of pricing.  This home is another real life example of how under pricing your home will not cause you to lose money when selling.  The exact opposite may happen, you might sell for more!  The market always corrects itself weather that means your asking price is too low or high as a seller, the market will let you know right away. 

I was in the home below and showed it to a buyer client.  Therefore I am familiar with it.  It's a great location, but needed some updating.  At the time there were multiple offers on the property and the seller was calling for highest and best offers.  The multiple offers drove buyers up and ultimately resulted in what appears to be a positive sale for the seller!

301 W Jefferson Ave Linwood NJ

Asking price: $169,000

Sold Price: $200,000

Sold for $31,000 above asking price!

Days on Market: 11

IDX Image
IDX Image

Listed by Platinum real estate and sold by Balsley Losco.

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