Moving in general can sometimes become a little stressful- I mean you tend to have a lot of things going on, from packing up, deciding on things to donate, hiring professional movers, etc.

How do you think your family friend feels? A move is rough for an animal. They become used to their environment, where there dinner bowls are, their favorite sunny spot to lay in by the front door, or the best window to bird watch!

So when you start packing up, and put them into a car or on a plane- they do not always handle it well. Check out a few tips below to make your move with  fluffy or fido a little less stressful. 

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1. Make Sure Your Pet Wears Identification

It is best practice to have your pet wear identification at all times- for the unlikely but also unfortunate event should your pet get away during your travels.

You can purchase a stylish tag from your local pet store, or even have one shipped directly to your home. You will want to be sure the information includes your name, phone number, address of your destination, and even a phone number of a family member.

2. Transport your animal with you

To say the least, travel in general can make your pet very nervous. You will want to be sure to transport your pets with you, they will be much more comfortable and you will also be able to keep an eye on the, 

When transporting your dog, be sure to keep a leash on them at all times. You may even consider a few adjustments to your vehicle, such as pet car safety barriers to keep them out of the front seat while you drive. 

Transporting your feline friend will be much easier, as they prefer the comfort and confines of a travel crate. 

3. Check Local Laws Regarding Pets

Prior to moving- you will want to check the laws in your new townships regarding pets. Some states may have laws regarding the amount of pets that you can have at one residence, as well as the types of pets that are permitted.

Most towns will also require your pet to be licensed, which you will to do within a certain amount of time. 

For the most part, pets just want to be with their people who love them- Be sure to pay a little extra attention when making the commute and setting up their new home and they should transition just fine. 

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