Clients and friends, I just want you to know we are here to help...

My heart goes out to our families with children with schools shut down, our seniors in assisted living, our neighbors at the hospitals, our local businesses struggling and anyone impacted by this pandemic.

Now is a great time to utilize a grocery delivery service. If you have not already done so, head over to Instacart to place your order! This service serves most of our area. 

We have taken the time to compile a list of what we feel are useful links and resources for you, your children and your families during this time. 

If you know of any wonderful resources that we can add to our list, please feel free to email them to us below.

Of course, I’ve been asked “what’s going on with the real estate market at this time?”

Homes are still selling. Our Federal Reserve just dropped their interest rate to near zero to keep the money moving for people buying homes. It’s quite unprecedented.

We can video conference, if you prefer, instead of an in-person buying or selling consultation. 

If buying, I can provide a virtual video tour either recorded or live video chat using your phone or tablet.  This way you do not have to enter the home.

If selling, I’ll likely have enough information to list it for sale with a quick tour on your phone, tablet, or laptop.  I’ll even guide you how to shoot photos, if you prefer, to keep a photographer out of your home. You'll be surprised what we can do with Photoshop and an iPhone these days. 

In the event you are still interested in professional photography, we are still happy to provide that option as well, check out this great checklist of how to prep your home before photos take place.

We may be able to sell it without showings, too. There are individuals and companies who will buy your home outright. I can refer you to those companies and shop the offers.  If we do need to show your home, I’ll provide a hand washing station and anything else the CDC recommends to lower everyone's risk of infection. Safety is my #1 priority for you.

We are also working with a local professional cleaner that will perform a sanitization of the entire home for the buyer or seller before new ownership takes place. This is not your normal everyday cleaning, it is a complete sanitization of the entire home top to bottom.

Some people are understandably concerned about our real estate market. While we haven’t seen any negative effects yet, I promise to keep you updated on this.

As of now real estate settlements are still happening, title companies are open and operating virtually, as are mortgage lenders.

I’m here to guide you and make fact-based, researched decisions if you need to sell your home or buy one since life must go on for those in situations who need to move.

That may be you or someone you know. I have your back.

I’m here to help if you need anything. Let me know.

My number is 609-225-4975.


Adam D’Annunzio

Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore

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