What Does a Real Estate Agent Do For A Seller?

What exactly is a seller's agent, and what do they do? "A seller’s agent is the real estate agent or REALTOR® who represents the person who wants to sell their property. “Seller’s agent” and “listing agent” are often used interchangeably." as defined on redfin.com

Preparing Your Home To Sell-
  • Preparing your home to sell is a vital step in the process, if you want to maximize your sales price. Your agent should be able to help you identify if there are any improvements you should make to your home. They will also be able to recommend service providers who will help you to complete any work that needs to be done. 
  • The next step would be to stage the home. You want your buyers to be able to picture where their own furniture will go,  and to do so you will want to remove any excess furniture and clutter to allow the room to feel larger.
Determining A Fair Market Price-
  • The most important step- Deciding on a fair market price! Your agent will create what is called a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for your to review together. This will give you insight on what buyers are willing to pay for a home similar to yours. It will include a list of home that are currently on the market, under contract, and ones that have recently sold. 
Hiring A Professional Photographer-
  • Once your home is prepped and ready for pictures, your agent will hire a professional photographer to capture your home in all of its natural beauty. 
Marketing Your Home- 
  • You have worked with your agent to determine a price you would like to sell your home for, and your photos are ready. Now it is time to take your home live into the MLS system and other real estate search sites! Most agents today are on Social Media, and will take to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, their own website and more to Market your home so that it receives as much exposure as possible. 
Closing The Deal-
  • When you receive an offer- Your agent will help you to review and negotiate the terms to get you the best deal. They will also guide you through all of the required paperwork and steps that will need to be completed prior to closing. 

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