Items To Check Prior To A Home Inspection

Purchasing a home can be an exciting time- A thousand thoughts running through your mind. 

Are you in the home that you will be making an offer on? If so- you may want to take a few notes on areas you want your inspector to examine more closely. 

Take a look at the checklist below as a guide as you walk through the home. 

Exterior Items to Focus On:


  • Do you notice any signs of a leak?
  • From what you can see, are there any roof shingles missing?


  • Did you notice any visible cracks on or along the exterior walls?


  • Driveway and Walkway- Are the in good condition?
  • Do the drainage pipes move away from the home?
  • Do you notice any very "soggy/ muddy" areas of the yard? 
Interior Items to Focus On:

Appliances: (If included)

  • Do the appliance appear to be well- Maintained?
  • Do you notice any leaks around the dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. 

Structural Elements:

  • Are there any water stains on the floors, walls, or ceilings?

Ventilation and Sub-Systems:

  • Is there a working exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom?
  • Do you notice any abnormal smells in the home?
  • Depending on the weather, does the AC/ and or Heating Unit appear to be working?

What Can you expect when booking your Inspection? We have compiled a list of items to give you a few useful tips to get you through this process as smooth as possible, You can check out those details here.

Again, these are only a few suggestions of items you should have in the back of your mind to consult your inspector about when it becomes time. We highly recommend hiring a Home Inspector to do a full tour of the Home, and check all systems for you. 

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